Unique Ways To Remove Warts

We all know about the duct tape method, the apple cider vinegar method, the different surgeries, and procedures that one should take to remove warts. But did you know that those methods aren’t the only ones? New ones have also emerged recently and we have to tell you, they are doing really well. Take a look at some of the unique methods to remove warts!


Do you know that one of the most unique ways to remove warts is by using castor oil or tea tree oil? They are proven skin warts and mole removers and are considered as a great antiseptic that takes care of skin infections and skin problems in seconds. You can apply the tea tree oil using a cotton swab many times in a day. For the castor oil mix, you can mix it with some baking soda, apply it on warts and the bandage them. This mix can be used three times a day to give great results!

Raw potatoes

Unique Ways To Remove Warts

Did you know you could also use some raw potatoes? For this, all you have to is cut a hole which as the same size as warts and then places it on warts directly on every evening and morning for at least two weeks. The duct tape can be used as an effective method to remove warts. Apart from that, you can also apply it using some salicylic acid and put some duct tape on top.


Another major benefit can be derived from garlic. It has some antiviral properties that help remove warts easily. All you have to do here is crush the garlic and then apply it directly on the affected area with the help of a bandage. It could form a blister when warts begin to dry and peel off. Use it with Vitamin E for effective removal of wart.
With that, we will bring our post to a close. Let your friends know about this post if they have warts. You can also suggest them a wartrol cream which is very useful for when it comes to removing warts within a matter of weeks!a