Hawaiian Kona Coffee – Experience the Preference of the World’s Best Coffee

Hawaiian Kona Coffee - Experience the Preference of the World's Best Coffee

Hawaii’s unique geography enables this island to produces among the very best coffees on the planet. The minerals in the volcanic soil integrated with the island’s optimal climate make Hawaii the only area worldwide which can make the very best Kona coffee. Hawaiian Kona coffee is always in great need and in addition to the top priority checklist of every coffee lover.

Kona coffee trees are collected during July and December, the coffee cherries start as a flower by February and March and after that turn into eco-friendly berries by April. The green berries end up being ripe and develop into red berries resembling a cherry. The cherries are handpicked throughout harvest period by seasoned farmers and are placed into burlap sacks.

To produce the best Hawaiian Kona coffee, each sack is inspected to make certain that just the best and ripest cherries are processed. The cherries go right into pulpier equipment, where the pulp is separated from the beans.

The Sunlight Drying

Rating the beans after they are dried is very important due to the fact that it makes sure that the top quality of every cup of Hawaiian Kona is high and distinctive. Beans undergo a gravity table where the weight is determined, this action makes sure that the beans are not hollow which may spoil the preference if not eliminated.

There are 5 key grades of Hawaiian Kona; the peaberry, extra fancy, fancy, Number 1 and prime. Each grade is different from another in regards to taste, weight and dimension of the coffee bean. The peaberry comes just from best kona coffee cherries with a solitary bean instead of 2, while extra elegant Kona coffee originates from the biggest and heaviest beans.

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Fancy and Number 1 coffee on the various other hands, originates from smaller yet denser beans which are claimed to generate the most effective coffee. The prime coffee is the lowest quality and it comes from the tiniest beans which have some flaws however still create a great cup of coffee. Also the cost of Prime Kona coffee is much cheaper as compared to the various other greater qualities.